Welcome to T&M SECURITY Ltd.

T&M SECURITY work in every sector of the Security Industry to Help Provide & Promote SECURITY to Commercial and Private Sectors. We offer Outstanding solutions with a K.I.S.S System, working with the National Decision Making Model (aka NDM) currently used by Police and Armed Forces.

Our 5 Star Aim is to make sure good quality trained security Officers are deployed to our clients with the correct knowledge for the task in question.

T&M Security pride ourselves being Professional Honesty and Reliability. Offering our Clients Reasonable and Realistic PRICES and K.I.S.S Services.

Over the years we have successfully provided security all over the United Kingdom. Not only do we add a level of visible professionalism our presence helps you feel safe, which allows you to focus on what really matters. By using our company you will not need to worry about your security needs.

All our employees will be allocated to your company according to their sector of expertise. For your safety everyone is registered on the SIA Holder registar which can be checked Via the SIA online.


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